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Cloudcatcher 2019 – Elements Pathway – Day 4

It’s our last day here at Witchcamp and we open the Elements of Magic with a check in and I am feeling not yet ready to go home, I am feeling I am unfinished and so I am finding it hard to comprehend that in a few hours I will be driving witches home returning to the outside world but excited to see what comes of the rest of the day.

Ritual space is cast and all of the Elements tribe were able to contribute to creating ritual space today, I can really feel the power coming from my new friends. As each speak words of power, I feel the magick swirling, arising from their breath, flowing in and out of my body.

Today with all of the elemental beings present in ritual space, we were invited to let go of our clay being and recreate something else, for me this was truly difficult. I have to say I am a little bit of a perfectionist, not much of a creative and had spent so much time on my being (pictured on Day 1 blog) that I was not ready to let it go but pushing all of those feeling aside I did surrender it to the water along with the inner pieces that were not yet finished. Whilst my being was in the water along with everyone else’s, creating magick that I did not yet comprehend. We were guided in trance to visit the place of power, I can’t tell you what I saw because I went way off track to a vision of gifting Kahuna as a priestess in sacred space, whilst not travelling with my friends, the vision was perfect, as it always is, the message has been received.

Once the trance was complete were invited to retrieve our creative being and craft something new, I felt connected to the seed pod and so decided not to recreate but rather mold slightly different to include the lessons from entire Elements pathway. To take this to a deeper level we all created Bliss Balls made of compost, clay and seeds… so basically my seedpod was perfect!!! The invitation was to take our seed bliss ball home and plant in a pot, water it and care for it and create ‘new’ in the physical world.

The session closed with a final ritual conducted by the members of the elements class which I can’t share but it was incredibly powerful and for me was the final piece in the puzzle, my shift in energy that allowed the final cracking opening that was needed before returning home. My desire for the safety of my mans’ arms wrapping around me, to surrender to the support of the person who knows me best, for me to go home and integrate the lessons from camp, from this core class and from all of the witches I had connected with shifting into allowing tears to be released through the praise of the special people in my life. I was ready! Ready to take this journey home, beyond the ritual space, home to the body!

Thank you for sharing in my journey, thank you for the facilitators that guided this process Jack and Jarrah. I cannot recommend both of these Witches and their teachings enough, they are honestly both incredibly giving with their time and knowledge and offered a gentle place to land but also challenged me in all of the right ways. Blessings and Thank you.

Cloudcatcher 2019 – Elements Pathway – Day 3

This morning I woke long before my alarm with gentle rain on the roof once again, but something was beckoning me outside, so as I sneak out of my top bunk (this is a mission in its self, let’s face it I am not a limber as I think I am lol). Opening the cabin door, I see pademelons grazing on the lawn, it is freezing but amongst the dark and imposing clouds is the light breaking through, the sun is streaming over the lawns! We haven’t seen the presence of the sun for nearly for 4 days, I raise my hands in salutation and receive the warmth, the light and healing from Grandfather Sun, what a sweet blessing to be kissed this early morning. When I opened my eyes after a few moments of receiving, I turned to see others enjoying this moment in sweet silence. Bliss!

Arriving to Elements pathway this morning we devoke fire and invoke water. Water is making its self-known in physical with this torrential unrelenting rain and the emotions still flowing from the ritual last night; however my desire for the sun is for me signifying the ascension has begun and so dropping in deeper with water is what is really called for before I fully ascend from the underworld.

Jarrah and Jack opened with learning about ‘consent’ which has been a theme for my life but here in camp life is a strong boundary practice that I am still getting used to. It highlighted for me how far I have come in speaking my truth around my boundaries in situations where it most counts. I feel this is such a big lesson in camp and one that is really needed in the world, encouraging people to speak what they desire and saying ‘no’ when it when you want to say no, without guilt, shame and fear of the other person feeling rejected. Seems so simple to say no to something you don’t want, saying no to someone entering your field or saying no to someone joining a deep and personal conversation. If you are from my age bracket you may have been like me and told that it is impolite to say no, rather you would say it in another way, in an inauthentic way or worse accept that this is not in your realm, dishonoring your own feelings for fear of upsetting another. So, if you do come to camp people will ask you if they can sit with you, converse with you, hug and still respect you if you say no ~ Empowering huh?!?

We moved into an exercise around becoming one with water and working with a partner who would guide our bodies whilst we closed our eyes and morphed into seaweed under the water. I dropped so very deep into this process and transformed so quickly feeling the gentle caress of the partner guiding me to float freely, it felt almost sensual to be in the water, floating for floating’s sake, being in tune with the water in a completely new and delicious way, at total surrender to the water drawing me around and swaying my body, feeling the lightness of my earthly body. I didn’t want to come back Earthside.

We then went into a deeper understanding of the Feri Tradition and how the Feri pathway fits with Reclaiming including some pivotal historical aspects that have been included in personal practices here in camp life. Then we guided into the concept of the Triple Soul which includes 3 layers of the soul which is commonly referred to in the Feri as Talker, Fetch and God Soul. Briefly explained as the Talking Self including the core personality, ego, expression, sensory opening. The Fetch is the shadow, the primal aspect and animistic where as the God Soul is the higher self, mysterious, inseparable and the divine self. More information can be found in Iron Pentacle by Jane Meredith and Gede Parma.

Jarrah led us through the Triple Soul exercise and for me I found this exercise profound as someone is trained in Soul Retrieval, this process prepared my body to give those lost soul parts somewhere gentle to land and was prepared for integration.

We then went on a journey through the layers of water, where I found myself in a lake, calm with beautiful colours of greens and browns with depths not able to visible from the surface. Personally, this trance was deep! I discovered many hidden desires held in the deep including ones that conflict with the surface levels which is very interesting and still requires some unpacking.

Before session closed we discussed the Reclaiming Principles of Unity, how they came into creation and were asked to discuss the ones that we felt most strongly about. It was an interesting conversation and raised many points on what unity within Reclaiming is and how it is underpinned by this conscious community.

Our final piece was to be part of the ritual that night by calling in the elements, whoa cue nervous energy entering the room. I won’t give too much away, but our group was amazing and thanks to our facilitators for supporting our ‘way’ of calling the elements into sacred space.

I left the session looking forward to tomorrow’s final session invoking Spirit!


Cloudcatcher 2019 – Elements Pathway – Day 2

Waking to the pounding rain on the tin roof is quite indicative of the inner work which for me is creating silent introspection surrendering to the void. The early morning mist is making it difficult to gauge the time, dark clouds are overhead which adds to the touching of the quiet places within that have been hidden in the ‘normal world’ outside this sacred container. The air is thick with the scent of last nights’ ritual, the dank smell of the Dark Goddess is close, as I close my eyes I can feel her energy behind me… and so the day begins.

Today as we gathered in our sacred temple space for Elements of Magic I feel the Allies gathering around me, my lineage close and I feel called to express the calling in the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, our ancestors, land and spirit ancestors to be our guide during today’s exploration. Casting our circle, feeling the waves of the energy swirling around and we were asked to consider the element of Earth and how it weaves magick in the world through animals, people who work earth with their hands, those who do not have the motivation of financial gain and empire building, roles in the patriarchy and the complexities of the many layers of living Earthside. This led into discussions around capitalism, separation of self and elements, disassociation of diversity, shame, guilt, acts of courage and abundance. Reflection is an understated pathway to personal truth and I always love to dive into the stories I tell myself and see what’s really simmering under the surface of the everyday façade. For me this again raised the grief I feel when I disconnect from my body, shifting into the logical brain, the analytical side of my psyche, distrusting my innate knowledge when it is most required, so I send my body compassion and empathy.

We were then paired up to complete an eye gazing exercise, I cannot even tell you the details of the process we went through as I was absolutely transported into universal energies, lifted from my body, almost felt like I dived into my new friends’ eyes like a deep pool or ocean of stars. I saw them as stardust where I fell into this play and floating in the stratosphere. At first, I felt their emotions as I can feel it in my own being, but the feeling was such a sense of something much bigger than our human existence, like all of my questions were answered with my cells in my body opening to their innate remembering. It was quite profound.

The element of Earth was farewelled, and Fire was coaxed into circle, in this moment as Earth shifted back, fire drew forth and my creative fire was ignited, my advocate entered my being fully, my womb shuddered, my sensual-self entered the room and I was reminded deeply of my own power.

As with Fire being drawn into the space, it was time to move the body!! Jack and Jarrah took us through a number of exercises including primping and preening our own energy fields in preparation for the deeper work of fire which was moving into the dominating and surrendering energy. I personally fell into the child when my partners energy tried to dominate mine it reminded me of a time in my teenage years when I felt smothered, dominated and denied. When I was able to reassure that place in my younger self – I was able to move into deep joy. The invitation then was to really feel your group/partners energy through an expression of yes / no energy without moving. I loved this energy exercise and understood how my embodiment of the invitation or denial affected others.

This flowed into a group discussion around energy in various places/locations and then how hierarchy and societal power plays can deeply effect our personal energetics. It was then an introspective piece to question your own feelings around choice, empowerment and agency (collective), leadership / service or power with and energy exchange scenarios rather than the power over. It was time to drop deeper and reflect on ‘What is your power? How do you wield it? And finally do you value power?’. Our facilitators pointed out that the core power of Witch is CHOICE.

‘Cone of power’ was then introduced with energy raising practices, showing us the energetic power that can be raised by intention and movement, where the energy is directed and how it can feel in the center of the cone.

The circle was closed with all leaving feel energised and powered up with the support of fire!!!