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Poem of CloudCatcher

The Poem of CloudCatcher (themes of 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)

We dance the elemental serpent paths over the edges of the ordinary into the cauldron of CloudCatcher.
Birthed from the fiery core into the starry heavens, this living earth is formed.
We come to learn from you.

Here is Animal. Here is Land.
We are Family of Blood, Bone and Spirit, dancing our Surrender into Love.
Our Hearts Blaze –

Reclaiming our wild blood, we return with fierce love.
The crossroads open and stars rain down into the dark heart of the land.
This tribe rises –

Falling, sinking, rising, dancing. We are caught by the cracks.
Bewildered, we listen to our land.
Re-wilded, we serve with joy.

Wild love becomes a fierce blessing.
Through the fiery dance of poison and nectar,
we trust the darkness,
and re-join the chorus that colours the dawn.

Cradled within the arms of our mountain, we turn deep within.
Vital forces rise.
Labouring with our familiar shadows; fierce feelings and gritty parts, we flow into a song of synthesis.
Reforged, our tempered dark hearts become our armor of love.

Earth Wisdoms from Affinity Group Ritual, 2015

Earth Wisdoms – From Affinity Group Ritual on Day 3, CloudCatcher WitchCamp 2015

-Take time to sit and be with me because I need you too.

-Small is the only place to start growing from.

-If you would truly know me, look closer, and look closer still for there are worlds to be revealed the deeper you look.

-Come to truly know me before you try to save me. Know the magic of your own backyard before you try to change the world.

-Rooted in Earth and Sky, we live in harmony with the Earth, the green and the red, each taking only what is needed and giving back just (twice) as much, if not more. Will you too?

-Wear the skin you’re in.

-The Earth is eternal.

-You can unpick the kinks of time and undo destruction.

-Do not fear for us, fear for your loss.

-Seeds are strong. Shoots are vital.

-Listen to the heart beat of the Earth. Differences exist for the mind to ponder one wholeness.

-It will unfold. There’s secrets here you cannot know until you knock.

-Poetry saves worlds.

-Stinky beautiful nothing. Shit of life. Inside and outside balance on a knife. Separation is illusion. A seed will split stone. Community is wildness in our shit, we are not alone.

-The lessons we need are there. We need only look and listen. The Earth teaches through cycles. Everything is connected, the Earth has no concern of singularity of existence. Learn from and grow with each other.

-Local spirits, hidden folk, we honour all that you invoke, our karmic debt we now repay, through us have your words relayed.

-Some of the most beautiful and bountiful places are on the edges, between two places. Something that has holes; is imperfect, is actually stronger than something that is solid. Death feeds life. Nothing dies forever. Donut. Strength in gentleness. Silence has power, there is power in silence. Build the structure and the nature of community will follow.

-Listen with your feet…milk and honey is as mud and blood and shit. Nothing is wasted, unholy, or lost. Listen with your paws…if you meet me with conditions, you are not truly meeting me. Part of the answer lies across cultures. Listen with your lungs…the wind says I kissed the surface of this world before you cam, and when you are dust, I will still kiss the surface of this Earth. Listen with your skin…I am old, ancient, bones of the mountains, blood, ask, and dirt. Listen…you are embedded in me.

-You are promised to death, but I will fashion new life from your bodies. Whatever you leave me – if poisoned water, if devastated land; if choking air, if acid rain. I will create new life – it may not be pretty to you; it may take thousands of years; hundreds of thousands of years, but I will do it – for I AM infinite creativity.

-Pennies on the path, feathers on the ground, symbols of our love from below so above.

-Everything cycles between the sky and the ground.

-We are ancient and we are very small, we grow from death. We are part of your community and we are forever.

-We must remember our kindred spirited animals.

-Life is fed, even in death.

-The moss, ferns, and lichen teach interdependence symbiosis and synergy. Such is community.

-The caldera nurtures plants, as people may we allow the plants and us to survive.

-Community is with us in the silent spaces.

Thank you to Phoenix, who transcribed these notes, which were gathered from the ritual and woven into our spells.

Aradia’s Story – from Ritual 4, CloudCatcher 2014

Over the last few months, the last few weeks, the last few days, I’ve been hearing different versions of Aradia’s story. 

There’s a version of her story that I’ve heard where she was born in Italy in the fourteenth century, or thereabouts. As it happens, I have Italian heritage in my own make-up, but maybe that doesn’t apply to you. But tell me – where do your ancestors come from? Where were people of your bloodline living back in the fourteenth century?

Scotland – Wales – Scandinavia – Germany – Russia – Ireland – England – Poland – France…

So I want you to begin to imagine what life might have been like in those places, back in the fourteenth century; I’m finding it hard, myself, but imagine… What do you think it might have been like?

Hard – short – basic – a struggle – just like life – frightening – local – village-like….

I’ve asked around and I can’t discover if Aradia was part of a peasant family, or maybe more of a merchant class, or if she perhaps was born into the aristocracy… but let’s take a moment to imagine her life if her family were peasants… or if they were merchants, or of a type of middle class… or if she was part of the aristocracy… For whatever reason – and maybe it was just being born a woman – she had a sense of justice and injustice. For whatever reason, she was inspired to learn and teach and spread knowledge and skills. Perhaps you also have a background that has inspired you towards questioning and rebellion, towards seeking and working for change? Is that the case?

There’s another story I’ve been hearing about Aradia, and that is that she was born divine, to divine parents. To a Goddess and an Angel, to Diana and Lucifer, or the moon and the sun, but that she became mortal. As we are mortal. Take a moment to acknowledge your own mortality. Look into the face of the person standing next to you, acknowledge their mortality. Yes. We are living now, but we are mortal and we will all die. 

Let me tell you a story. When I was a child, maybe 8 or 10 or 12, I used to climb out of my bedroom window, quite late at night and go into the garden. It was quite difficult to do – my room was on the first floor, so I had to walk along a ledge, clinging to the wall, until I got to the outside staircase and could climb down. And I used to lie on the earth and dig my fingers into it and I used to whisper, ‘Take me back…’

Have you ever imagined or felt that the earth was your mother? That your parentage was divine – that you belonged to the mountain or the river or the forest? Have you felt that that was where you truly belonged, that you were a child of the divine? Who here has felt that? Who did you believe your true parents were?

The mountain – the ocean – the stars – a tree – wolves – the wind….

Well, and maybe that was how it was for Aradia… sent to earth to teach these skills and this knowledge. Do you, also, have skills that you have been sent to teach? What are they? Shout them out, call them out to me! Do you have knowledge to share? Are there issues you care so much about that you will speak out, that you will act, that you will stand forth and teach and work and speak for them? What are these issues? What will you stand for? What do you care about?

The Great Barrier Reef – Coal Seam Gas – injustice – racism – equal marriage rights – child slavery – poverty – education…

So there’s one more story I’ve been hearing about Aradia, this week. Do you know what that story is? Do you remember it? We spoke of it only yesterday….

I am Aradia –


I am Aradia! – I am Aradia! – I am Aradia! – I am Aradia! – I am Aradia! –