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CloudCatcher Theme 2013

Every year, every WitchCamp creates a unique recipe – one that will never be repeated again. The combination of the story chosen, the Teaching Team, the Paths – these things will never occur in the same combination again. The mixture of Campers who come, the Affinity Groups that form, the Optional Offerings and the Evening Rituals – most of these are one-offs. And yet in amongst all that change (and chaos, it sometimes looks like) there’s a constant, and that’s the unfolding story of CloudCatcher WitchCamp itself. It’s character, that’s just beginning to form, its inclinations and the energies that are part of the land and part of our relationship with it, that’s forming and growing each time we go there.

Some of this is expressed in our Theme, a brief expression of our intent for this particular 2013 CloudCatcher, but that is arrived at out of the context of any previous Camps (in our case, only one so far). The Theme is arrived at early on, before any of the other workings for the Camp get under way; before the Story is chosen, or the Teaching Team selected or the Paths imagined. At CloudCatcher we’ve had a particular emphasis on creating short, pithy themes – we want them to be something that everyone can easily remember, a few words of essence and spirit that open up the whole Camp.

This year our Theme is:
Here is Animal. Here is Land. We are Family of Blood, Bone and Spirit, dancing our Surrender into Love. Our Hearts Blaze –

The Theme builds on from the first Camp, its theme and story and our magical relationship with that land, that is forming. Here is Animal. Here is Land – this is what we find when we arrive there – the bowl of the hills, the fertile, volcanic earth, the mists and clouds. The birds and animals for whom that place is their home, the undulations of the rainbow serpents in the ridgeline curving behind the Camp.

We are Family of Blood, Bone and Spirit – this is us, the CloudCatchers, coming together from our different regions; Brisbane and the Gold Coast and Northern NSW – and even further away; Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, the United States. Some of us haven’t even met, and yet still we are family; human family, earth family, family of spirit and Reclaiming, all agreeing to the Principles of Unity to guide our Camp.

dancing our Surrender into Love – this is what we seek to do. We seek it through our evening rituals, literally dancing and singing in our re-weaving of Freyja’s myth. We seek it in our work in the Paths, learning and practising our craft, working both the Inner and Outer paths towards self-knowledge and empowerment in the world. We seek it in our Affinity Groups, meeting with new people and taking support and leadership roles for each other. Love, as the activating force of the universe, Love as our motivation, as our learning and our aspiration. Love as expressed in the Goddess; in Freyja’s mixed story of longing and alchemy and betrayal and self-hood.

Our Hearts Blaze – this is our readiness, our willingness – here we come, open-hearted, trusting, giving, yet human and vulnerable. All our hopes, our fire, our yearning and need and yet our greatness as well. It’s our offering to the Divine, and to each other –