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Bower of the Blazing Heart Day 4

There was a wonderful convergence in planning our ritual, one of those delightful things that happen at the end of a witchcamp. Twenty one people have a very short amount of time to plan, first in groups of four and then altogether, and the ritual core coheres like it fell to us from the sky. Short is good, encouraging us to pare down to the essentials and to hold back while a few facilitate. From the moment the first group said their piece (and I was in the last), our ritual emerged almost exactly as it had appeared for me too, echoed and enhanced by the other groups, with inspired additions: how we would ground and cast, what focus to give the energy we raised. Even the song with which to witness our dedications and charge our objects was the one I had wanted to sing from first waking — I imagine I’m not the only one!

And then there are the things you don’t plan. No one had suggested a song for after we had raised energy. It just came out on its own (I think!), from something Jarrah said during his benediction, a variation on one adapted from Rumi, which had been used as a call to ritual earlier in the week:

Come, come, wherever you are
Even though you’ve broken your heart

a thousand times
Come, come again

Perhaps the ritual was not perfect. Perhaps there were pieces missed out, that others had hoped to be in there; surely that happens with something planned by so many, so briefly. But it was sweet and beautiful, full of warmth, love and healing, and we take this into the world.

Thanks so much to our teachers Jarrah and Firefly, you are wonderful and we will miss you!

Lily and Turtle, who held space for us during our path, recharge at the dwarf altar

Lily and Turtle, who held space for us throughout our path, recharge at the dwarves altar

Closing Ritual

Monday, last day of camp….we went out onto the grass for the closing ritual and stood in a circle, happy and replete. First we appreciated Freyja’s Bower by passing around a pink feather boa and allowing everyone to imbue it with the lovely energy of the current bower and it will be brought back again to begin next years bower. Th Bower was very successful, well used and so appreciated as a hang out space.

We thanked and appreciated organisers who did a small round ritual to allow one of them to cycle off and we had 4 more join for the next year…yippee…so we have 8 on board for the organising of 2014 Cloudcatcher Witchcamp. We continued to thank and appreciate the musicians, bardic night organisers, kitchen witch and the truly wonderful teachers…then all together we did the spiral dance so we could all see and appreciate each other one last time while we sang our camp theme song.

We gathered up the threads of this camp and together we sent it via the clouds to Spain where the next witchcamp is being held very soon. We all moved to the paved area to dial down our energy chakras so we can drive and function well in the outside world when we leave our beautiful camp and each other…then sweet goodbye hugs, debrief meetings for teachers and organisers.

It is always bitter sweet for me doing the leaving…wanting to stay for longer and be with all these fabulous people but also knowing our bodies are tired and we have lives waiting for us at home that need our attention ….till next year…blessed be! 🙂

Sunday Night Ritual

It had been a big day for me and I felt I’d already held a lot with 2 very deep and revealing optional offerings held in Freyja’s Bower. I waited outside the temple and then came in quietly to join Freyja and Odin with their respective tenders…we danced and sang till we were all inside then cast the circle and were told the story so far….we explored the emotions of hope and despair and heard about things that are happening in our world that evoked these feelings in us. I started to feel bodily involved during this exploration and then we called to Loki to see if there might be another way that was neither of the extremes of despair or hope.

We took some time to seek guidance and I found I became fully engaged with the droning trance like singing and movement and did not go into the centre to offer my insights. We started the spiral dance which I always love as I get to see everyone face to face…we raised a cone of power, devoked, opened the circle and grounded. Afterwards there was some drumming for dancing and I could feel the rhythm and beat of the drum inside my body and let myself go with the dancing which was wonderfully freeing and amazing until I knew my body needed to rest….so I went outside onto the land and spoke with my guides and confirmed the messages I had received.

Yummy sticky date pudding was served in the dining room for dessert and usually food helps me come right out of that trance state but this night I needed some more support in the form of a third eye slap from an obliging friend which worked really well but I could feel the seduction to surrender back into the trance state so I took myself off to bed.