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2015 Paths: The Wild Grace of Community – We are Rising

With Jarrah Staggard and Ravyn Stanfield

Our final path is revealed! This looks to be an exciting path. Ravyn Stanfield from the US has taught at Earthsong WitchCamp in Victoria several times and is a beloved part of our growing Australian Reclaiming community.

Enjoy the following song as you read the path description and dream of CloudCatcher..

A wild thing calls – the strange possibility of collaboration, of community.

The world around us is paved, concrete idols reaching high, fences and walls twisting about and within. In the land, a primal beat calls us to a different dance. The cracks in modern civilization are filled with the seeds of vines, cradling mysterious cultures of fermentation and change. It is time to transform the false narrative of the singular hero who can save the world. We are not in it alone. We have never been alone.

We each carry a primal need to connect with others, a primordial madness that calls us to commune. How do we live wild and feral, with ecstatic grace and deep devotion to this living planet? How do we dance in service of all that matters, while not trampling each other’s feet? How will we sustain relationships over time, even when we disagree? How do we grace the uncomfortable rituals of community?

This is a chance to explore that mad impulse of community, a primal irrational impulse to share in the risk of collaboration. This is a chance to dive into the collective shadow of humanity, to alchemize frightening impulses that live inside of each of us.

This path will explore how we can wield peace together powerfully; while tending compassionately to our diverse experiences and needs. We will create collective poetry and music, alliance and action. We will remember the ecstasy that calls us to connect, engaging embodied techniques and processes and practical strategies for collaborative leadership. We will apply magical skills, such as witnessing and tending others, maintaining our own self-awareness and gracing conflict.

This is a path for experienced campers and participants are requested to have taken Reclaiming Elements of magic before.

More information the Camp and on all our Paths can be found at our website.

2015 Paths: Reclaiming the Elemental Body

With Phoenix and Jane Meredith

I am excited to announce another of 2015’s luscious Path offerings. This is the core ‘Elements’ path, offered each year at Reclaiming. For total WitchCamp newbies, this is the path for you.  This is much more than a dry series of 101 lectures however; this is an exciting, dynamic entry into the culture, mythos and magic of Reclaiming. Many people take Elements more than once! We have another song lined up for this reveal, so click the video before reading the description below, and be swept up into Reclaiming the Elemental Body

Earth am I, Water am I, Fire and Air and Spirit am I…

In all the old stories it is told: First we were earth. The Gods took clay into their hands and with it formed human bodies. They washed these bodies with the water of life, which now flows through our veins as blood. They set the spark of fire within the heart of each body to animate us and then they breathed their breath into our mouths.

Older than that, it is known: We come from the stars, first we were stardust. Our planet, the Gods that created us, the very cells of our bodies are all particles from the body of the Star Goddess; she who stretches across the heavens ever birthing, dying and returning. Our every atom and thought and memory resonates with her. We are lovers joining with earth and stars in each breath, each heartbeat, each word and action. We are the kiss between earth and heaven.

We are not just living on this earth, we are this earth. To find wholeness we re-member our Divine origin and rewrite the contract with the animal of our bodies. We are beings of flesh and sex and senses. Living with the forces of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit we reclaim and reawaken ourselves. We are the earth. We are the stars. We are not separate…

This Path is suitable for beginners at magic and ritual, as well as experienced practitioners. It is a Core Reclaiming Class. The Path will include trance, inner journeying, group work, working with energy, fundamentals of ritual, and magical skills. It is planned to be held mainly outside. Participants will need: weather-proof clothing, something to sit on outside, journal and pen.

Path descriptions and more information are at our website, and if you’ve forgotten who they are, remember to read about our fantastic teaching team.

2015 Paths: Path of the Edge-Walker

The Magick, Madness and Mystery that Re-awakens our Wildness
With James birch Campbell and Fiona Sunbird

The Paths are one of the most exciting aspects of a WitchCamp. They run each morning of Camp, led by two teachers. There will be three Paths at CloudCatcher 2015. I am pleased to able to make our first Path announcement!

For an extended experience, play the following song as you read the path description below.


What does it mean to walk the edges? To dwell on the hedge between the ‘civilised’ and the wild. What does it mean to refuse to fit in the mould that society has cast for you? To live your life with passion, creativity and integrity? This is the Path of the Edge-walker – the witch who adeptly traverses the realms of spirit and madness in service of their community, straddling the hedge for the benefit of all the worlds.

The Path of the Edge-walker is borne out of curious exploration. Why and how does society label edgewalkers – eccentrics, outsiders, activists, artists, poets and passionate people – as ‘mad’? How has our civilisation separated us from our innate wild wisdom and from natural places from which that wisdom arises? How has this impacted our lives, our communities? What is the role of the witch in contemporary Western society?

In this Path we will ponder these questions while we work together to hone our witch skills and awaken our deep knowing. We will explore approaches to building and maintaining relationships with spirit allies; skills of prophecy/divination; trance techniques and “shamanic” journeying and the art of skinturning/shapeshifting. Together, we will seek visions, inspiration and guidance, for ourselves, this Camp, and for all our communities and allies.

If you choose to join us on the Path of the Edge-walker, you will need to bring the following items: a journal and writing/art materials, a divination tool that you enjoy using (eg. tarot, runes, ogham staves etc.), and clothing and items for the outdoors – hat, suncreen, coat, ground rug). We will meet in the wild and be with what is. We welcome you into the spirit of exploration and of the deep learning we gain from both success and failure.

Will you dance with the wild and pray in madness? Are you willing to open your senses, meditate and dream in ecstatic celebration? Do you dare to journey down the Path of the Edge-walker?

*Elements of Magic is a pre-requisite for this Path.

Path descriptions and further information are also on our website.

Lorelei, for CloudCatcher Organisers.