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CloudCatcher 2017 – Muse Craft – post WitchCamp reflections

Since I have arrived home from CloudCatcher WitchCamp all I have wanted to do is sing and make music! I have dusted off and shined up my beloved flute that has been with me since I was 13. I danced around the house to the amusement of my cats, playing my flute for the first time in a few years. My flute and 2 tin whistles now sit out on my kitchen bench so whenever I feel like it I can pick one up and have a play. I have been working out the tunes of the chants that I have learned on my piano and to my surprise, writing the music down for a few of them.

I have been researching chants for the Spiral Dance ritual to be held in Mullumbimby on Friday 21 April 2017. I am listening to many chants on Reclaiming CDs. They are a great resource for anyone creating a ritual or wanting to experience a sliver of Reclaiming magic.

The intention of the Spiral Dance ritual is

We gather as community to honour our ancestors and cycles of life and death

The Spiral Dance ritual was a great night! The magic and community of CloudCatcher continued on the southern side of the caldera in Mullumbimby. Many new and old friends brought the magic of CloudCatcher WitchCamp with them. We honoured our Beloved Dead at the altar and by reading out their names during the ritual. We journeyed to the Otherworld /Underworld /Land of Youth. We sang a beautiful chant and danced the Spiral Dance. Afterwards, we feasted on chai and cake. There was a strong atmosphere of peace, calm and deep connection after the ritual. The chant was created by Ravyn Stanfield.

We are the kiss between Earth and heaven

We are the song between sky and ground

Sing for your life and for the world we’re making

Nothing is lost that can’t be found

I am doing fitness training for a long distance walk that I’m doing over winter solstice. I’m outside every day walking in the bush or around the village where I live. Every cell in my body is zinging with the music,  songs and chants from WitchCamp. One of my favourites to sing as I walk within the Caldera is this powerful song from one of the CloudCatcher rituals of the Mountain. I think it was created by the CloudCatcher teaching team including Alphonsus. When I sing this song whilst walking on the Land, She hears me. The energy from CloudCatcher WitchCamp ripples down the mountainsides and through the valleys of the Caldera. The Land is energised and activated when we acknowledge Her, pay respect to Her, honour Her and sing to Her.

This heart is a mountain

Dream with me, dream with me

This mountain is a heart,

Dream with me, dream with me,

This fire inside, Feeds this land that dreams of us