CloudCatcher 2017 – Muse Craft – Day 1

Muse Craft – The Art of Sonic Spell Weaving – with Alphonsus and Jenneth StormSinger

WitchCampers gather at the crossroads of the Paths of CloudCatcher WitchCamp 2017 on the morning of day 1. Jane Meredith invites us to tune-in to which Path we are called to take. I already knew that I would take the Muse Craft Path as it was one of the reasons that drew me back to CloudCatcher WitchCamp 2017. I connect with the Earth by grounding myself and make contact with myself by centring. Then I tune-in to myself, in case my heart or feet decide to lead me on another path. What a joy to have so many choices! Would it be Reclaiming Elements of Magic, the Naked Path, the Pentacle of Community or Muse Craft? I am tempted to explore the Naked Path but my heart is full of song. I feel that delicious mixture of excitement and anticipation with a dash of anxiety. What a perfect brew for transformation!

Alphonsus and Jenneth draw us into the circle with the call of the drum and voice. One by one each of us on the Muse Craft Path accepts the invitation and picks up a percussion instrument. We weave a magical container with voice and rhythm. Alphonsus is very skilled at leading by doing and tricking us into creating music effortlessly and playfully without consciously realising that is what we are doing! Jenneth collaborates with Alphonsus to weave a strong and healthy musical container within which we start to build connections and community. Feeling performance anxiety or shame isn’t an option because of the inclusive, gentle, relaxed and playful atmosphere. My heart is overflowing with the joy of creating music together in community. Community is one of the cornerstones of the Reclaiming tradition. As Alphonsus says, “I don’t know you, let’s make music. I do know you, let’s make music”.

We are lead through a beautiful exercise in trust, connection and listening, We pair up with one person closing their eyes while the other person leads them through a guided sensory experience. I am deeply moved by the tenderness, care and skillfulness of my partner. She describes our journey, the environment and opportunities for sensory exploration with great accuracy and love. It is an exquisite if daunting experience to lead my partner in a similar walk.

The teachers invite us to write down our experiences using sentences starting with: “I sensed/felt/heard/smelled … ” These narratives narrow down into two sentences starting with “I am …”. They transform into spoken poetry and later, song. My lines were: I am the softness and warmth of her skin” and “I am the caress of the breeze on my skin”. We are taught rhythm, connection, listening, how to focus on the centre of the circle whilst seeing the periphery of the circle and how make music together in clever, tricky and supportive ways. The teachers are like swans on water and make it all seem effortless.

We finish with a song:

“I am,

You are,

And we are all of this,

And we are all of this,

And we are all of this,

And we are all of this”


Blessed Bee