CloudCatcher 2018 – Evening Ritual – Day 4

Tonight the Caldera is buzzing with energy – the rains and fast moving clouds are just some of the things affected, and the celebrants gathered for the ritual feel it too. While sacred space is created all around the hall and on the mountain, two priestesses are working on a potion – a potion made from local honey, local mint, and local water, and the energy of circle and the priestesses tending the potion. This gift of the bee maidens potion will augment the energy already in the Caldera and the energies we’ve called into the circle and will help us to unweave the wyrd and to step outside of time.

After drinking the potion we are called into three groups and guided by priestess. Some of us remain in the hall to commune with the Mighty Ones of the Craft; some of us are led to a fire circle somewhere on the land to breathe with the ancestors; and some of us are lead far afield to dance with the descendants who are yet to come. I am in the group who is visiting with the descendents. Our walk is long and only a small lantern guides our way in the light drizzle. We come to a field and form honeycombs in which to do our work. The descendants are invited to stand with us, encircled by our peers from the time of the current, and the descendants at our shoulders whispering the way forward in our ears. They move in our bodies to tell us how to get on to that good road, that road that leads us to the shining future where our generational problems from the now have been solved, and they tell us how those that came between us got there. It is this magic that we carry with us in our bodies back to the larger group; it is this path forward that we carry with us – and carry it we do.

Soon all of us are summoned by the steady beat of the drums to return and share what sacred wisdom we have learned. Each of us carrying the deep knowledge in our bodies about what we were, where we want to go, and the mighty magic which will take us there. At first the dancing in the hall feels separate and somber, but the descendants’ magic works its spell, healing the apartness of our ancestors, and soon we are all dancing and singing, co-creating the same song, the song that sings us from our past to that shining future, and the spell is released to the land. The ritual complete, when we emerge from the hall, the moon is beaming down on us through a mountain-sized hole in the clouds, and we know we are smiled upon for the work we have done.