Cloudcatcher 2019 – Elements Pathway – Day 3

This morning I woke long before my alarm with gentle rain on the roof once again, but something was beckoning me outside, so as I sneak out of my top bunk (this is a mission in its self, let’s face it I am not a limber as I think I am lol). Opening the cabin door, I see pademelons grazing on the lawn, it is freezing but amongst the dark and imposing clouds is the light breaking through, the sun is streaming over the lawns! We haven’t seen the presence of the sun for nearly for 4 days, I raise my hands in salutation and receive the warmth, the light and healing from Grandfather Sun, what a sweet blessing to be kissed this early morning. When I opened my eyes after a few moments of receiving, I turned to see others enjoying this moment in sweet silence. Bliss!

Arriving to Elements pathway this morning we devoke fire and invoke water. Water is making its self-known in physical with this torrential unrelenting rain and the emotions still flowing from the ritual last night; however my desire for the sun is for me signifying the ascension has begun and so dropping in deeper with water is what is really called for before I fully ascend from the underworld.

Jarrah and Jack opened with learning about ‘consent’ which has been a theme for my life but here in camp life is a strong boundary practice that I am still getting used to. It highlighted for me how far I have come in speaking my truth around my boundaries in situations where it most counts. I feel this is such a big lesson in camp and one that is really needed in the world, encouraging people to speak what they desire and saying ‘no’ when it when you want to say no, without guilt, shame and fear of the other person feeling rejected. Seems so simple to say no to something you don’t want, saying no to someone entering your field or saying no to someone joining a deep and personal conversation. If you are from my age bracket you may have been like me and told that it is impolite to say no, rather you would say it in another way, in an inauthentic way or worse accept that this is not in your realm, dishonoring your own feelings for fear of upsetting another. So, if you do come to camp people will ask you if they can sit with you, converse with you, hug and still respect you if you say no ~ Empowering huh?!?

We moved into an exercise around becoming one with water and working with a partner who would guide our bodies whilst we closed our eyes and morphed into seaweed under the water. I dropped so very deep into this process and transformed so quickly feeling the gentle caress of the partner guiding me to float freely, it felt almost sensual to be in the water, floating for floating’s sake, being in tune with the water in a completely new and delicious way, at total surrender to the water drawing me around and swaying my body, feeling the lightness of my earthly body. I didn’t want to come back Earthside.

We then went into a deeper understanding of the Feri Tradition and how the Feri pathway fits with Reclaiming including some pivotal historical aspects that have been included in personal practices here in camp life. Then we guided into the concept of the Triple Soul which includes 3 layers of the soul which is commonly referred to in the Feri as Talker, Fetch and God Soul. Briefly explained as the Talking Self including the core personality, ego, expression, sensory opening. The Fetch is the shadow, the primal aspect and animistic where as the God Soul is the higher self, mysterious, inseparable and the divine self. More information can be found in Iron Pentacle by Jane Meredith and Gede Parma.

Jarrah led us through the Triple Soul exercise and for me I found this exercise profound as someone is trained in Soul Retrieval, this process prepared my body to give those lost soul parts somewhere gentle to land and was prepared for integration.

We then went on a journey through the layers of water, where I found myself in a lake, calm with beautiful colours of greens and browns with depths not able to visible from the surface. Personally, this trance was deep! I discovered many hidden desires held in the deep including ones that conflict with the surface levels which is very interesting and still requires some unpacking.

Before session closed we discussed the Reclaiming Principles of Unity, how they came into creation and were asked to discuss the ones that we felt most strongly about. It was an interesting conversation and raised many points on what unity within Reclaiming is and how it is underpinned by this conscious community.

Our final piece was to be part of the ritual that night by calling in the elements, whoa cue nervous energy entering the room. I won’t give too much away, but our group was amazing and thanks to our facilitators for supporting our ‘way’ of calling the elements into sacred space.

I left the session looking forward to tomorrow’s final session invoking Spirit!