The Chariot Priestess: Power in Self, Power Together Day 3

Today in path, we discussed my favorite topic ever: energy work. Cones of power, double cones, sink bowls, double spinning cones, wish birds, psy-balls  -which are great fun to throw at your friends by the way … consensually of course! 😉 I’ve always loved energy work, to experiment with it, play with it, mold it, shape it, raise it, release it. Since childhood, I have had a very easy time feeling it and seeing it. It was the first work I did when discovering the craft, although raising copious amounts of energy without having learned proper grounding techniques had interesting unpleasant effects on my basement during my teenage trial and error period!  And yet after all these years, working with and raising energy still never ceases to amaze me and fill me with wonder.

We also discussed different types of trance techniques. Group trance is a powerful technique for coming up with an intention for a ritual, or a theme or story for a witchcamp. Someone facilitates the decent and then the group together speaks what they see, and shapes the trance together. In my experience, it’s also a great way to prepare for ritual to help everyone get into the same headspace, especially if people have roles together.

We also were given time to leading each other into trance in pairs. My lovely partner and I did dream work, a practice I highly recommend trying. He led me down into a dream I had recently had. Well, to be honest I think we both went there. It  was strange but very intimate and lovely to have someone else inside my dream, to share it with them – to revisit a part of my fetch, my younger self, my unconscious, my soul together.  As I was describing the dream in trance, he asked insightful questions about it, asked me to explore different directions, helped me to revisit details I had not yet considered important. The process helped me to realise my dream represented problems in my life which have grown larger due to neglect over the years. And for that wisdom, I am indebted to my fellow chariot priestess.