2015 Paths: Elemental Body Day 1

Day one of Cloudcatcher found myself back in Elements (Water making a particular presence through the unrelenting torrent of rain) after three years since my first elements path. At first I was worried that I wouldn’t find myself challenged enough, but quickly found that to be a completely false notion. Together hand in hand with people from different walks of life and different magical backgrounds we delved deep into the mysteries of spirit and earth, of flesh and bone, the form in which we sat.

I found the lesson of earth to be quite a confronting one at that, possibly owing to the many issues I have with my own body. We dropped and opened into ourselves within sacred space and breathed deep into the places that we don’t often own or like about our own bodies. For me it was my hips. I breathed deep into them, into the hurt and shame I have over my sexuality and sensuality as man, fairly deep stuff for our first day! Then as a group we stood amongst our peers, holding our pains and shames close to our hearts like some thorned flower. We stood and moved our bodies to the beat of our breath, holding our attention within these secret places and began to move with intent. Breathe deep in to these places, move deeper into/with them, tense and relax. Again and again this went, deeper and deeper into the hurt and bring the medicine and breath deeper and deeper into this place. Then we met each others eyes. We met eyes and held each other in these intimate moments and honoured the process each one us was experiencing. We honoured each other in those moments and let the hurt go.

Needless to say the day was quite intense, I was left raw and hurting and full of all the amazing mysteries Dionysus was beginning to show to us, though the work for the path this day wasn’t done yet. Together we took clay on the day of earth and spirit and crafted pieces of something dear, mine took the shape of a little man whom I later realised to be myself. The piece came out lumpy, misshapen and awkward, much in the way I see myself and showed me the ways I need to love myself. Ah Cloudcatcher, you never cease to cut to the quick in a minute.

One thought on “2015 Paths: Elemental Body Day 1

  1. cassiebrightfield

    Yes, it rained and rained. Out of curiosity, I checked the weather report! Friday: 25mm, Saturday 30mm, Sunday 25mm. For our overseas friends, 25mm = 1 inch. It cleared Sunday, and by Monday it was fine and 28 deg C. In 4 years, it hasn’t rained to this extent.
    I was really drawn in to the emotion of your journey. Thank you. Yes, the mountain is so special: ‘Ah Cloudcatcher, you never cease to cut to the quick in a minute.’

    It sure stirs and stirs in me. What a cauldron it is for me.

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