The Chariot Priestess: Power in Self, Power Together Day 1

Before coming to Cloud Catcher Witch Camp 2013, I knew exactly what path I wanted to do, needed to do, made sense to do. I have been concentrating on self-love in my personal practice for the last 6 months so the inner path, Bower of the Blazing Heart, seemed a perfect fit. Freyja, love, Freyja, love. Simple as pie, right? I sat content with this plan for months. I told friends that I would be doing this path in all confidence. Then a few days prior to camp, small seeds of doubt were planted from an unknown source. The outer path, The Chariot Priestess, seemed to give small tugs, small pokes. Why, I didn’t know, I just felt it. It made me nervous.

When I got to camp, I was really unsure what to do. My decision was made during the opening ritual, when the lovely teachers led us through trance and poised the question: What do you really desire? Then I knew. Self-love, of course, but that was too easy an answer for me. The secret desire of my heart, that which I dared not even hope for, was the chance to share my love for connection with all living things, for my spirituality, for the power of magic. To priestess. And so I took a deep breath, swallowed my fear, and stepped onto the third path.