CloudCatcher 2017 – Elements of Magic Day 2 – Air

Out of all four elements, I’ve always felt the strongest connection to air; maybe it’s because I’m an air sign? I don’t know. I love heights, the feeling of falling and I go to the Dreamland most nights praying for a dream that allows me to fly. Air is a free element, nothing stops it, it can only change direction, and it flows everywhere it can. But what I learned on day 2 of the Elements of Magic path is that a connection to air is all about the mind – it’s a mental element. Thoughts are free to come and go like the wind. They dance in and out with the gentleness of a breeze or the power of a tornado. The can be elusive as the wind, and they can be strong like the wind. On day 2 of CloudCatcher Copper and Jack showed me my mind’s potential.

It was as simple as a guided meditation and visualisation exercise. I’ve always been good at visualisation, and I’ve learned it’s a skill to be able to hold an image in your mind’s eye, but they took me beyond that. As I sat against a wall, falling deeper and deeper into the expanse of my consciousness, I was guided down a forest path. The sun tried it’s hardest to pierce the trees to reach the ground; it painted the wood in light and dark hues. I came to a clearing where there was a table filled delicious looking fresh fruit. I looked at the buffet before me, and I picked up a perfect looking nectarine – this is where the challenge began. “Open your senses,” Copper said in a smooth voice, “What does it feel like, what does it smell like…take a bite”. I don’t think I’ve ever been challenged to use my senses other than sight in a guided meditation before. If I had maybe it just didn’t click…it was the magic of CloudCatcher I guess. It’s firm, almost furry skin; it’s sweet smell, the juiciness of its flesh bursting in my mouth; the smell, feel and taste of that nectarine was as real as me sitting here writing this blog. It’s a funny sensation, realising that you’re in two places at once.

As I continued back along the path wandering into the forest, I stopped at a creek. The cold water ran across my feet, and a breeze blew downstream. “Pick up a rock from the water, feel its weight and edges,” I did as Copper instructed, “Now see the rock transform into a bird.” As I caressed the cold, smooth river stone in my hand, it sprouted feathers, and it grew into a grey pigeon that sat calmly in my hands. Trying not to lose it at the realness of my visualisation, I was amazed at the piece of magic that just happened before my very eyes. Our task with the pigeon was to give it an intention, whisper what you needed it to do and release it out to the universe to do its work. The intention was rather personal, so I hope you don’t mind I keep it to myself – God speed pigeon.

To me, this was the freedom granted by air. Full sensory awareness of my creative thoughts. I guess I will have to do some experimenting to see what I can get up to without a guide. As camp went on, this new awareness of my thoughts proved to be quite an incredible ally.

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  1. Indigorose

    This was truly wonderful to read Charles, you shared the wonder and magic of your experience so beautifully that i felt i was there and experienced it too, thank you.

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