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Cloudcatcher 2019 – Elements Pathway – Day 4

It’s our last day here at Witchcamp and we open the Elements of Magic with a check in and I am feeling not yet ready to go home, I am feeling I am unfinished and so I am finding it hard to comprehend that in a few hours I will be driving witches home returning to the outside world but excited to see what comes of the rest of the day.

Ritual space is cast and all of the Elements tribe were able to contribute to creating ritual space today, I can really feel the power coming from my new friends. As each speak words of power, I feel the magick swirling, arising from their breath, flowing in and out of my body.

Today with all of the elemental beings present in ritual space, we were invited to let go of our clay being and recreate something else, for me this was truly difficult. I have to say I am a little bit of a perfectionist, not much of a creative and had spent so much time on my being (pictured on Day 1 blog) that I was not ready to let it go but pushing all of those feeling aside I did surrender it to the water along with the inner pieces that were not yet finished. Whilst my being was in the water along with everyone else’s, creating magick that I did not yet comprehend. We were guided in trance to visit the place of power, I can’t tell you what I saw because I went way off track to a vision of gifting Kahuna as a priestess in sacred space, whilst not travelling with my friends, the vision was perfect, as it always is, the message has been received.

Once the trance was complete were invited to retrieve our creative being and craft something new, I felt connected to the seed pod and so decided not to recreate but rather mold slightly different to include the lessons from entire Elements pathway. To take this to a deeper level we all created Bliss Balls made of compost, clay and seeds… so basically my seedpod was perfect!!! The invitation was to take our seed bliss ball home and plant in a pot, water it and care for it and create ‘new’ in the physical world.

The session closed with a final ritual conducted by the members of the elements class which I can’t share but it was incredibly powerful and for me was the final piece in the puzzle, my shift in energy that allowed the final cracking opening that was needed before returning home. My desire for the safety of my mans’ arms wrapping around me, to surrender to the support of the person who knows me best, for me to go home and integrate the lessons from camp, from this core class and from all of the witches I had connected with shifting into allowing tears to be released through the praise of the special people in my life. I was ready! Ready to take this journey home, beyond the ritual space, home to the body!

Thank you for sharing in my journey, thank you for the facilitators that guided this process Jack and Jarrah. I cannot recommend both of these Witches and their teachings enough, they are honestly both incredibly giving with their time and knowledge and offered a gentle place to land but also challenged me in all of the right ways. Blessings and Thank you.

Inner Path: Reclaiming Paradise Day 2

We enter Paradise in our underwear. I feel much more comfortable standing here than I thought I would. I chose my underwear carefully – solid black, stretch fabric one piece bra that ‘custom conforms to any size’ (the black is new for me, usually it’s flesh coloured or white) and gelato pink cotton undies to the waist. I convince myself it’s just beach wear. However, I never go to the beach without a surf shirt and board shorts over my one-piece costume. My Celtic ancestry and various medications mean I sunburn after 20 minutes under the Aussie sky. My profession as a science teacher (retired) meant that covering up was a really good idea for safety and child protection reasons. Add to this I’m shy by nature and have been in only one relationship for over 40 years. What am I doing here? Because I believe to the core of my being that our human body, in all its various guises, is the most beautiful thing we possess. The Eve story casts a shadow of cultural shame over me, and I want to become free.

Standing in a circle, we re-introduced Paradise from beneath the ground. We took turns to call the parts of paradise back. Magically, bird’s called and lizards drank, centipedes scurried and breeze wafted. One of the teachers suggested that wearing underwear is sometimes more uncomfortable than not. Be in the discomfort.

After reading from the Bible, a teacher led us into thinking and deeply feeling our shame stories both personal and cultural: “I did something wrong so I must deserve this.” Standing in a circle, one person stepped in at a time. The others then asked gently in unison: “What is your shame?” After naming our shame, each person stayed in the centre while others responded positively about what they saw in that person. Open eye contact during this time was encouraged, as it was throughout the entire advanced path. (Open eyes are encouraged during all pagan rituals and paths).

I have journeyed on an Inner Path now four times. Each experience has held surprises for me. I found myself saying: “My shame is my obesity. After a life-threatening illness, I lost 30 kg. I then allowed others to exclude me when my significant relationship disclosed his disorder to our wider social network. I put the weight back on again.”

Taking the supportive words we could remember from the activity, we started a tribal dance to the rhythm of drums. We were encouraged to vent our anger at a ‘jealous God’. “How dare you leave us to clean up your mess?” “How dare you punish us for a free choice?” Our chant developed and included words like: courage, honesty, truth, power and passion.

After this cathartic experience, I participated in a ceremony to remove the Angel energy from the Sword. Myself and another member later placed the Sword on the hearth in the ritual room.

We were left to ponder the question: “How can I bring myself to confront God? Overcome cultural shame? Overcome my own shame?”