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CloudCatcher 2016 Day 3 – Labyrinth Path

“We dance the labyrinth and the lands with Fae allies at our side, opening new paths, crossing edges that might have been closed before, and closing the doors that no longer serve us” (Day 3 Intent)

Today we had the opportunity to ‘Aspect’ our Fae ally and to be a ‘Tender’ to one of our peers when they did the same. Thibaut lead a detailed discussion on Aspecting and Tending before we began, and after ensuring that we had properly prepared ourselves, we paired off so each person could take a turns in either role.

Prior to Aspecting today, our group had altered the labyrinth path slightly so that we could walk through the ‘human’ gate, and out the Faery gate, into the lands of the Fae. The time spent walking through the labyrinth would be the time in which we were inviting our being to walk with us, in us, or around us.

I took on the role of tender first- My partner communicated to me that they would probably not need much assistance or guidance during their Aspecting; requesting for me just to witness, and carry their water bottle. They also suggested some personal topics to ask them questions about when grounding afterwards.

I hear a call, it comes from far away; I don’t know where it leads, behind the gates of night and day.. (chant)

Last night I had spoken to the ally I’d met first- a darker, more feminine being- and had planned to aspect them in my body, from my ribcage upwards. I was also to bring a red tie-on bracelet that I would put on during my time Aspecting, as a promise, sign, and reminder of the relationship I have and will continue, with both of the allies I spent time with in yesterday’s trance. I didn’t have a red bracelet at camp, so I had to create one this morning before path.

I readied the simple things that help me feel grounded daily, and the things I know have helped after previous experiences Aspecting. I let my tender know where I had my food, cigarettes, my beanie hat, and a water bottle- as well as my intentions for the ritual. When I began to walk the labyrinth, however, I could feel not just one, but both of my allies wanting to be with me. I decided I was okay with this, but renegotiated that my boundary would be that I would only aspect from my shoulders up (no arms).

My senses felt a lot sharper whilst Aspecting, but my eyesight seemed to slightly blur around the edges- like sharp, bright, tunnel vision. My Self felt somewhat disconnected, and the conversations I had with the two beings whirled around my head. I only Aspected for a short time- I know that for me personally, this practice takes quite a toll on my mind and body. I tied my bracelet onto my wrist, we had some laughs and giggles, and I gained some (more!) insights- particularly around things I can do to feel the Fae’s presence, and reminders of the things that kept me joyful in my formative years.

After ‘devoking’ them, I employed my grounding techniques with the support of my Tender, including things like using my name, patting down my body to feel my ‘edges’, and hugging. We then had the opportunity to get into small groups and discuss our experiences in both roles. I find it to be an honour to be a Tender to someone- feels quite intimate to be witnessing someone’s personal experience with a being that is not in this realm. Aspecting is a tool that I find extremely useful, but is also something that wears me out very easily, so I always try my best to keep my time purposeful with intent, so that the experience is fruitful and positive.

CloudCatcher 2016 Day 2 – Labyrinth Path

Paul lead us through a mindfulness exercise using the five (or six) senses, which we then continued on our own- walking around nature. Beginning by grounding and focusing on breath, we then honed in on each of our five senses, one at a time. There was then the invitation to open to a sixth sense, and walk around the camp grounds and potentially perceive any entanglement of our human and Fae worlds. I am very familiar with this exercise, as I do it several times a day to ground myself. It’s practical and kinaesthetic for me personally, as I find physical things ground me a lot more effectively than methods such as visualisation. I found it very different to use this method to open up my minds’ eye and explore my edges of reality. I declined the invitation to do so, but was able to enjoy seeing, feeling, hearing and smelling the world from a deeply centred place of deep appreciation.

“We step into the wisdom and enchantment of the land, and open to a Fae ally” (Day 2 Intent)

The second part was a trance journey, through a faery gate, into the Fae lands, with the aim of make contact with the Fae ally or lover we met during the last night’s ritual.

I held some self-doubt and reservation as to whether I would be able to make contact with the same  being I had encountered last night during the group ritual, but expectations were surpassed as I was met with not only the being from last night, but by another too! One being climbed with me up an enormous tree- holding me, should I feel afraid of falling, yet laughing joyfully, all the while. Close to the top, they showed me the view proudly; Greenery as far as the eye could see, a huge river running through the land, breaking off into smaller streams, with large rocks and several carvings spattered throughout the landscape. I seemed to remember the place well.

Having made our way down and back to the other being, I asked if we could restore our relationship, inquiring as to what I would and could do personally to make it a reality. It seemed too formal to them- a laughable question. I just have to do what I was doing before, when we did have a strong connection; Create daisy chains, race leaves down streams, walk and skip though nature! I doubted whether that was going to be enough, but was only met with the reminder to find joy, simplicity and healing in these small, but wonderful things. I do believe that the more I, and everyone, can find beautiful, child-like, joy and gratitude in the simplest of things, the better the world would be- What a wonderful place to start!

The practical, physical, magic we weaved together today was a Faery gate on the other side of the Labyrinth we created yesterday- opposite to where we currently walk in. We all gathered different supplies and worked together to form them into this beautiful, shimmery, mystical portal- Charging it with a symphony of natural sound. Again, this practical, hands-on, type of work was my favourite. Using fallen branches to create the archway, wood, ash and petals for the threshold, and colourful strings and ribbons for decoration and tying beautiful flowers to the sticks; I couldn’t have even imagined how beautifully this Faery gate would manifest!