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The Chariot Priestess: Power in Self, Power Together Day 4

The last day is always hard for me. This camp was especially difficult because of the connections I had made, knowing I wouldn’t see many of these wonderful faces for a long time. When we started drumming and chanting in the beginning of path, the rhythms and energy oscillated effortlessly, seamlessly, beautifully, like we had been playing together forever. We sang together – separate but one, joyfully and with sorrow.  When we ran Iron Pentacle for the last time together, we stood back to front in a line, so close we were almost touching. As we ran iron ore energy, my Pride was balanced by the Passion of those in front and behind, their Power balanced by my Self. And when we went back to Sex – our connection with the world at the top of our head – all our energy finally aligned in a row, strong, and I felt it whizzing back and forth through all of us, connecting us all. When we ran Pearl, we stood in a circle facing in, so our fingers were almost touching.I felt Liberty pass from the person on the left flow into my Wisdom in my right hand, their Law pass to my Knowledge. And my energy was passed to my friends beside me as well, so the energy we shared oscillated right and left and right and left, strengthening community, balancing each other, until it all came back to Love.

Two new pentacles were offered in path today as well. A pentacle for priestessing: Facilitator, Mentor, Teacher, Healer, Priestess , conceived by Margi and other EarthSong witches earlier this year. The second was gift from Freyja via Gede: Soverenty/Love, Life, Lust, Power, Beauty. This path has been a journey of pentacles and balance for me, of grounding and strengthening my core being.

At the end of path, we performed spontaneous ritual.  Not a word was spoken; we just started. Huddled together, arms supporting each other, we sang our souls, our pain, our pride, our wishes, our joy, our everything and nothing. We sang our community, our togetherness. Wordlessly we raised tremendous amounts of energy, like waves crashing from the sea, like magma bubbling up through the earth, like the ancestors’ call, like the scream from the mouth of the raven. We all just knew what to do.

Farewell, my fellow chariot priestesses, and all my love. It was an honour to travel the narrowing path with you.

The Chariot Priestess: Power in Self, Power Together Day 2

I am still amazed by the strength and efficiency of magic. No sooner had I stepped onto the priestessing path that significant shifts started to occur, in both the inner and the outer world. I fell into situations where I could priestess and use those tools we are learning and discussed in path to aid in healing and facilitation for friends old and new. I was given the opportunity to lead trance. In the evening ritual, I felt immensely honoured to be asked to aspect one of the four dwarves. Those dwarves sure worked some fierce raw elemental magic for healing for themselves and for others! They taught me that there is so much healing that can be done in the service of the gods, the earth, and our friends. And there are 1001 ways to do it.

I really love how we are drumming and chanting together every morning in the beginning of path. Even on the second day, I could feel a shift in energy, strengthening the connections between our group, learning to work together without words. I was also very pleased to discover we are running the iron and then the pearl pentacle together everyday as it really helps me to do work with and about community.  As someone wise once said, you can’t love others unless you first love yourself. Coming from that centered place makes working on difficult topics such as conflict resolution and facilitation a whole lot easier and more effective. In my opinion sustaining a healthy happy community (ie peace-tessing…heehee) is a vital part of priestessing, the grunt work sometimes, but a labour of love.  I paraphrase our lovely Gede who said (in much more eloquent words than this): we often say the problem with community is the people, but the real problem is how we view the problem. We must remember that conflict can also be a powerful vehicle for creative change. These ideas reminded me that facilitation is not about trying to fix the problem, but helping those involved to be able to see the situation from another angle, to help reform healthy connections between those in conflict. May we all excel at this important work. Blessed Be!