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The Scribed Third Path

During our last night of ritual when Odin and Freyja were with us, we worked with hope and despair. We scryed for a third path, an alternate way to move off the oscillating pendulum. As we tranced, some of the messages were recorded by three scribes. Some were read out at the end of ritual. We humbly present all the written messages here. Everything could not be deciphered or understood by the scribes so if your message is not here, please do not feel it was intentionally omitted. As well, your message may have been inadvertently modified. If so, I would suggest considering both meanings. Fate works in interesting ways at times.

Hope lives in every little step
You must be free!
You are loved by us but you are not children.

The tower crumbles. The people fly free.
This is not without descention(?). This is not without sacrifice.
It will come soon.

King of cups.
Knave of cups.
The Sun.
Emotions are the chalice well.
Deeply touch emotions.
Then comes the sun.
Rise my new sun.
Your cup is complete and shines with the true beauty of you.

Treat each act as the tipping point.
Every action could be the tipping point.
Act as if it will change everything and it will.

There is the faraway stream.
The keyhole opening into clarity.
On the edges lie a crisp shell colour.
Passing with passion play with the fire and emerge clean.
Unite in love.

White stag come again.

A spiral may look like we are only moving inward.
Earth power.
Stone cracks, breaks and reforms.

The shadow across the earth is getting smaller.
It is this much. (there is an image)
We only have this time.

Play balance be fun and joyous.
The beauty with and without.
Threats and protects.
Blood and soot.
Life and death.
Call the living dream

It only takes one to bring light to many.

There is hope with our children – like little seedlings we must raise them right. Teach the children how to walk this earth so we do not make the same mistakes again.

Your ecstasy … we speak and we find her. 

An old fairy – she says you will be fine.

Go on the journey.

What is lost can be retrieved.

First heal ourselves.

Look after the green ones.

Water – we have to focus on the water first and we have to look after the animals in our own back yard.

From Odin: Words for the people – when we wish to heal the world, first we have to heal ourselves, and each other, in service … in whatever service is for you … the service that is joyful for you. We need to heal ourselves in joyful service.

Come see in my heart, come see in my bone.

The gate, the doorway.

All I see is Ravens

By the flow of travel, keep open lest you be unhappy and unsafe.

Raven eats the carrion, vortex is the heart.

The web weaver: We weave our own future, we call on our sybils, on our own fates, for we are the webweavers.

The camel by reversed. Loss of innocence, loss of hope of far trot dreaming, another future.

The lady of the gift. Dream a better world. Visualise it, empower it, be it.

Beauty is the point of light returning.

Maiden sunflower – other- bear- forest youth

Ecstasy and sacrifice flow with emotions, surrender to love.   

Strong good leader, wise, makes people rise up. They do good and save the earth.

For all, all, all is one. We are the blank rune.

The Eagle King.

Sisters of Seasons, cycles is love.

King of stones, wolf.

We come at a time of survival, We live in a time where communication can give as much truth as lies. We are going into a time where the gifts of the earth will be given to those who allow themselves to receive them.

Our voice, we speak.  Our arms need to be free to embrace this beauty. This stillness is a dance.

Odin said: Once we realize the wounds, we can hang? on the healing. Once we are open, something new can come in.

We are the black rider.

Through shadow we seek. And when we speak through our shadow we find joy, dance. We will live through endurance and we will find wisdom.

Blessed Be!

The Three Scribes

Sunday Night Ritual

It had been a big day for me and I felt I’d already held a lot with 2 very deep and revealing optional offerings held in Freyja’s Bower. I waited outside the temple and then came in quietly to join Freyja and Odin with their respective tenders…we danced and sang till we were all inside then cast the circle and were told the story so far….we explored the emotions of hope and despair and heard about things that are happening in our world that evoked these feelings in us. I started to feel bodily involved during this exploration and then we called to Loki to see if there might be another way that was neither of the extremes of despair or hope.

We took some time to seek guidance and I found I became fully engaged with the droning trance like singing and movement and did not go into the centre to offer my insights. We started the spiral dance which I always love as I get to see everyone face to face…we raised a cone of power, devoked, opened the circle and grounded. Afterwards there was some drumming for dancing and I could feel the rhythm and beat of the drum inside my body and let myself go with the dancing which was wonderfully freeing and amazing until I knew my body needed to rest….so I went outside onto the land and spoke with my guides and confirmed the messages I had received.

Yummy sticky date pudding was served in the dining room for dessert and usually food helps me come right out of that trance state but this night I needed some more support in the form of a third eye slap from an obliging friend which worked really well but I could feel the seduction to surrender back into the trance state so I took myself off to bed.