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An Optional Offering

My room mates were talking about the bardic night and what they were going to do. I listened quietly and felt so talentless and unable to offer anything to entertain everyone on this coming fun night. The next morning in path when we had our small group check-in I realised I may not be able to sing or dance or entertain but I had talents that could be offered in other ways and I was automatically dismissing them.

I woke the next morning after a dream that I was in Freyja’s bower and I had been holding an optional offering circle to talk about ‘scars, tattoos and other marks’ and in the dream it had gone really well. I got out of bed and went for a walk to allow myself to consider whether I really wanted to offer this or not. I received clear confirmation from my spirit guides and from other campers too with whom I shared my ideas. This was my first time offering something like this and although I was unsure how it would be received I decided to be brave and just offer what I could.

I have held regular sharing circles for women for the past 4-5 years now and have learnt how to hold a safe and strong container so anything can be revealed in complete confidentiality and safety. This session was regarding scars, tattoos and other marks which could include unseen scars, emotional scars and anything that people needed to speak about really. From my perspective the session went really well and just the holding of safe space for people to speak what may have previously been unspeakable is the beginning of healing and sometimes all that is needed. For each person to be seen and heard and acknowledged and loved and held and accepted and honoured in the group despite what had happened in their lives is often profound.

I’m glad I had the courage to offer what I could and to share really difficult things from my own life without any pretence that my life has been perfect or fits some perceived normality. I’ve already thought of some more offerings for next year…and perhaps I could also think more broadly about what I could offer to entertain on bardic night and maybe my own weird and wonderful flavour would be appreciated just as I truly enjoy all the others who offered themselves at camp through the various opportunities.

Sunday Night Ritual

It had been a big day for me and I felt I’d already held a lot with 2 very deep and revealing optional offerings held in Freyja’s Bower. I waited outside the temple and then came in quietly to join Freyja and Odin with their respective tenders…we danced and sang till we were all inside then cast the circle and were told the story so far….we explored the emotions of hope and despair and heard about things that are happening in our world that evoked these feelings in us. I started to feel bodily involved during this exploration and then we called to Loki to see if there might be another way that was neither of the extremes of despair or hope.

We took some time to seek guidance and I found I became fully engaged with the droning trance like singing and movement and did not go into the centre to offer my insights. We started the spiral dance which I always love as I get to see everyone face to face…we raised a cone of power, devoked, opened the circle and grounded. Afterwards there was some drumming for dancing and I could feel the rhythm and beat of the drum inside my body and let myself go with the dancing which was wonderfully freeing and amazing until I knew my body needed to rest….so I went outside onto the land and spoke with my guides and confirmed the messages I had received.

Yummy sticky date pudding was served in the dining room for dessert and usually food helps me come right out of that trance state but this night I needed some more support in the form of a third eye slap from an obliging friend which worked really well but I could feel the seduction to surrender back into the trance state so I took myself off to bed.