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CloudCatcher 2017 Ritual Day 5

This ritual signifies the end of witch camp, the end of this particular magical working, and time to release each other from this space with the hope of disseminating this magic to the places we call home. I can feel the impulse of tears starting in my temples. Yesterday I felt complete with camp and now I do not. Each day stretched on and somehow the collective days flew by. 

We are in circle in our last ritual. All of those who held parts of this camp are acknowledged. My left hand receives the right hand of the person next to me. I take the left hand of the person to my right, with my right hand. Everyone does the same, linking us together, the energy flowing palm to palm to palm. We chant the same words we did in our opening ritual four days ago, “This heart is a mountain, dream with me . . .this fire inside us feeds the land that dreams of us.” I am being lead around the circle to the right. Two hands, the beginning and end of the spiral, unclasp. I feel the spiral starting. I know the spiral dance, I have done it many times, yet this is the first time I have ever really understood the magic this dance holds. Maybe the reason this particular spiral dance feels so natural is the song. Maybe the reason is the spiral leader, or the pace, or our connection as a whole, or maybe I am finally in the kind of heart space that allows my whole body to listen. 

Everything is in sync. I am effortlessly locking eyes with every person as they pass in front of me. We are moving as one giant snaking spiral. I feel joy and presence as I alternate between singing my heart out and taking in this moment. Even the soft ground feels welcoming as we touch our bare feet to her.

We coil in tighter, circle within circle within circle. I feel certain that this will be the best cone of power yet. The chant builds. The energy builds. The tones come in from in front of and behind me. The energy dips, raises, and grows. I can almost see the cone of power rotating a few meters above our heads. We send threads of energy from this cone off to the next two Reclaiming witch camps. Those threads will be picked-up and used by the next camps to continue the life shaping work that we, as Reclaiming witches, dedicate ourselves to. 

I feel complete in my work in this time in this place. I thought I would feel sad as we said our goodbyes, but I already feel myself returning, this or something better.


Ritual – Day 3 Cloudcatcher 2014

Today’s ritual was a day ritual, as distinct from the previous two rituals which were held at night, since later in the evening we were to share merriment and our creative gifts through the offerings of a bardic night. This ritual was also held outside in the fresh air, under the warm sun and what for me seemed a more direct connection with the earth and the elements.

I love outside ritual, feeling the sensation of the grass beneath my feet, the breeze caressing my face, and the ability to breathe and feel that the earth breathes with me. In this ritual, after casting circle and calling the elements, the energy of Aradia was invoked, and two of our community of witches aspected the energies of Diana and Lucifer. As a nice subversion of traditional gender roles the energy of Diana was aspected into a male-gendered body, and Lucifer into a female-gendered body. We then danced a serpent dance to raise energy, moving our bodies to loosen the bonds of our minds and thoughts and to move the energy through us, for soon we would have to journey deep into the mythic realms and revisit our collective and individual choices…

We revisited the apple we had been given the night before; our choices, our decisions; to bite? To know? To fall? We had meditated, slept with and kept our apples, and we were brought to that moment in time when we had to make our choice about what to do with them. Going back to that moment was really potent for me, with the headiness of the idea that I was re-writing my story, taking back my power, reclaiming my innocence, my wholeness and my sovereignty. We were asked to take our apple and move out of the circle, and to sit with it, deciding what we would do. I sat and looked at my apple. I smelt it, I considered it. I thought about what it represented, and what that meant to me. How I felt about all of this, what I felt about my choice to bite it or not to. I glanced around and I saw people considering, the same as me, and I heard the crunch of bites near and far as people took the risk and made their choice. I seemed to be able to sense the ‘fall’ of beings all around me, but rather than a fall into sin and rejection, it was a fall into knowingness, conscious choice, acceptance and personal power. People were reclaiming their divinity, and rejecting any notion that they could in fact ever be cast from the garden, for they were the keepers of their own garden, and were subject to no one and nothing that had power to cast aside their intrinsic divinity. I closed my eyes, and as if in slow motion I bit into the apple, fracturing the mirror of the past and creating a new future, one with full consciousness and agency in my decisions, free from judgment and free from restriction. I welcomed myself into my own garden, and I opened my eyes as a new man, fresh, strong, empowered and whole. Welcome home.

Following this our affinity groups were reunited to go out onto the land and work to reawaken the flesh of the earth, and to bring a piece of this magickal working back to the full circle to offer to Diana and Lucifer. My affinity group returned to a pleasant and peculiarly Alice-in-Wonderland-esque glade behind the camp, where we had earlier joined to hold space for and witness one of us who re-dedicated herself to the mysteries, herself and the goddess earlier that day. We spoke to the land of our respect and admiration of its magick, its beauty, the damage that had been done to it and the damage that could be done to it in the future. We offered our love out onto this land, pouring out our wishes for protection, regeneration, and our gratitude for what it is and has been for us and for others. We sang and we found that this working, as a calm and respectful ritual, conveyed our sentiments to the earth, inviting it to live and thrive and grow. This we carried back to the circle, our offering to Diana and Lucifer a song, our reverence and leaves, flowers and seeds of that place blessed with our intentions. Diana and Lucifer walked around to each group, receiving the blessings and offering their wisdom. Their energy was radiant and to see their stares was to look into divinity. And we sang.

Open your eyes to the world around you, Open your mind to the wisdom within, Awaken your flesh to your heart’s desire, Claiming your place as a child divine

To end the ritual we danced the spiral dance, and the energy of this to me was so strong, and my heart overflowed with love and gratitude.

There are no gates in paradise, There are no gates in paradise, Open hearts as scars shine, We are holy and divine.

The magick contained in this song, and the act of looking at people deep in the eyes, holding that energy and moving around connected by the hand created rich and intense energetic connection which built up quite quickly and powerfully. Circling around, doubling back, keeping eye contact, with the chair tribe holding space in the centre was all so powerful and as we raised a cone of power and set it free, I felt quite woozy and affected by the intensity of the ritual, and it took some time that afternoon to find my centre and ground again. For me this was another very intense and powerful ritual. Rewriting our stories, creating lasting change, reclaiming our power.

Closing Ritual

Monday, last day of camp….we went out onto the grass for the closing ritual and stood in a circle, happy and replete. First we appreciated Freyja’s Bower by passing around a pink feather boa and allowing everyone to imbue it with the lovely energy of the current bower and it will be brought back again to begin next years bower. Th Bower was very successful, well used and so appreciated as a hang out space.

We thanked and appreciated organisers who did a small round ritual to allow one of them to cycle off and we had 4 more join for the next year…yippee…so we have 8 on board for the organising of 2014 Cloudcatcher Witchcamp. We continued to thank and appreciate the musicians, bardic night organisers, kitchen witch and the truly wonderful teachers…then all together we did the spiral dance so we could all see and appreciate each other one last time while we sang our camp theme song.

We gathered up the threads of this camp and together we sent it via the clouds to Spain where the next witchcamp is being held very soon. We all moved to the paved area to dial down our energy chakras so we can drive and function well in the outside world when we leave our beautiful camp and each other…then sweet goodbye hugs, debrief meetings for teachers and organisers.

It is always bitter sweet for me doing the leaving…wanting to stay for longer and be with all these fabulous people but also knowing our bodies are tired and we have lives waiting for us at home that need our attention ….till next year…blessed be! 🙂