The Organisers

SusanneRae's pragmatic spiritual practice is deeply rooted in her understanding, love and connection with the earth. Since a child she has had a strong affinity with nature, fairies and magic. She feels most at home in deserts, forests, rivers, other wild places and her garden. She loves to grow vegetables, chickens and make things with her hands including labryinths.

SusanneRae is an active member of the Greater Sydney Reclaiming group : teaching in the community and co-creating festival celebrations in her home community Campbelltown NSW.

This is SusanneRae's third and final year as organiser. She continues to offer her organizational skills to ensure the camp continues to provide extraordinary experiences to many. Her role this year is Anchor , Budget and Website

When not organising CloudCatcher Susanne teaches Meditation and Yoga and facilitates courses and events at the Meditation Space

Kellie stumbled upon the fact that Reclaiming still existed as a real live tradition at her first WitchCamp in 2002. She has since attended many camps and events, has been involved in organising and student teaching, and has not stumbled out of love with Reclaiming since. Kellie is interested in utilising practical and magical ways to untangle the threads of life force, creativity, reverence and respectful relating that our dominant western culture has knotted up so extensively. This is her first year as a CloudCatcher Organiserand is taking the role of secretary -for optimal performance  please feed her dark chocolate periodically throughout camp :0).

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Leah is originally from Ballarat in Victoria. Having always been attracted to its energy and beautiful surrounds, she moved to her new home in the Byron Shire 7 years ago. After practicing as an eclectic solitary Witch for several years, it was there that she discovered Reclaiming Witchcraft, and has loved the tradition and what it represents ever since. Leah has attended 4 Reclaiming WitchCamps in both Victoria and NSW, and is regularly involved in the Byron Reclaiming Group. Leah is a Registered Nurse and spends her free time travelling, hiking, kayaking, swimming, and exploring the beautiful surrounds the North Coast has to offer

 This is Leah's second year on the organisers team and is anchoring registration.


Jack was born in Brisbane and spent much of his life on the southern Gold Coast, and he has a strong bond with the land there, where the mountains nestle behind the beach and the trees and wildlife are abundant. Jack values the magic, wonder, patience and ongoing re-creation of nature in the face of adversity. He is a teacher and hopes to engender love and care for the earth, care and compassion for humankind, and a grounded and nourishing appreciation of self in his students. Jack attended his first witchcamp in 2013 with the myth of Freya and the Brisingamen, and from the first moment knew that he had found his community and a tradition which aligned with his values. Since 2013 he has attended three more witchcamps in Australia, and looks forward to many more here and abroad, building community and creating hope and wonderment for the future. As part of this community building Jack has come on board as an organiser, to ensure that this wonderful camp and community continues for many years to come. This is his second year doing an awesome job as outreach.

Jarrah spent much of his early life growing up in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast before moving to Brisbane ten years ago. His personal magic has grown in the vital landscape of the volcanic mountains and river valleys of south-east Queensland, and the land of Springbrook has become a particular friend over the past decade. Jarrah has attended CloudCatcher since its initial camp, and is enthusiastically devoted to this Reclaiming experimental vilage which we create together there - bringing together our various communal skills and services, and supplies of props, drapes, cushions, paints, lamps, lubricants and extension cords, meeting with our wild friendship there. This village is a home for him. Jarrah is passionate about the magical work of personal transformation and evoking collective hope that occurs in our cauldron at camp. Jarrah has been on the teaching team for two of CloudCatcher's camps, as well as taught at EarthSong WitchCamp in Victoria, California Witchcamp and many core classes in community. This is Jarrah's first year on the organisers team, serving in the role of Teacher link. He is excited to support CloudCatcher's familiar community, continued growth and powerful magic.