Due to circumstances surrounding COVID-19,
camp this year has been cancelled. 

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The Organisers

Joanne is originally from Western Australia, but has lived in Brisbane since 2008. Joanne’s spiritual practice is deeply connected to the Earth, body and community. After practising with a small group and poring over the work of StarHawk, Joanne attended her first CloudCatcher camp in 2015 and immediately wanted to get involved. She has since attended three other camps and has taken part in teacher training. Joanne spends her time drawing, painting, cooking feasts and exploring forests.

This is her third year as a CloudCatcher Organiser and she is anchoring the Org team, as well as maintaining the role of budget witch.


Luke is a keen CloudCatcher community member from Jagerra and Turrbal land (Brisbane). He stumbled upon witchcraft when he met the WildWood in 2008 and has been tripping down the crooked path ever since. Luke is a devotee of Hermes, an artist in multiple mediums, and has been the resident photographer for CloudCatcher WitchCamp. Check out his photography work at or on Instagram @fleetfootphotography 

As the Outreach Witch, you will find Luke on all the digital platforms heralding messages from the Orgs as camp comes to life year after year. If you see him at camp, make sure you say hello! He enjoys massages, hugs, and messages from the Otherworlds 

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Kate is a Wildwood Priestess and Reclaiming witch and teacher. She lives on Yugembah land, at the foot of the holy mountain of Cloudcatcher. Kate's witchcraft springs from living relationships with place and dirt and blood and bone. Kate loves sorcery and the dynamics of shifting energy, love stories and storytelling as a gateway drug into deeper layers of self and shadow, and her most recent work centres on learning the skills of tending and facilitating community.

She has been a witch since shortly after the earth cooled down and dinosaurs appeared, and she has been a Reclaiming-aligned witch since 2011 and the first ARC camp in Victoria, Australia. 

This is Kate's second year on the Organiser's team, and she is taking the role of Secretary.


Julie is an earth-lover, a student and teacher of science, art and magic. Her passion is health - the health of individuals, communities, ecosystems and planets. She finds the work that Reclaiming contributes on all of these levels profoundly inspiring.   Reclaiming magic has been an important part of her family life for a decade, and part of her local community life for the last 3 years.  Julie was super-grateful to attend Cloudcatcher with one of her children in 2017, and to return as a student teacher in 2018.  

With her family she lives in and deeply loves the Blue Mountains.  She would like to acknowledge that this is Darug and Gundungurra Country and pay her respects to the elders past, present and emerging.

This is Julie’s second year as an organiser and she is holding the role of Teacher Link.



The Land whispers to Megan and sends messengers as she walks in silence or immersed in Her song. She lives on Arakwal land, in Bundjalung Country in Byron Shire. Her relationship with the Land is a life-long love affair. They nourish, protect and love her and in return she walks, sings, celebrates in ritual, cares for Her creatures and does what she can to protect the Land and heal the wounds of human separation. Megan's journey as a Reclaiming witch began with reading the Spiral Dance and discovering magical activism as a young lesbian, feminist and peace activist. She trained as a priestess, healer, herbalist and homeopath in the Isles, Europe and Yugambeh Country. She attended the first CloudCatcher WitchCamp in 2012. A group from that first CloudCatcher WitchCamp formed Byron Reclaiming and they have been celebrating and creating community rituals ever since. 


This is Megan’s first year on the Organiser team and she is holding the role of registration witch.