Path at camp

Paths run for three hours each morning of Camp. At the beginning of WitchCamp each camper chooses a Path (or the Path chooses them...) and it is followed through four mornings of teacher-facilitated workings that tie-in with the theme and ritual story. Workings are a mix of individual and group working, often including discussions, trance, ritual, journalling, craft and other activities and magical techniques.

If it is your first time at CloudCatcher it is expected that you will take the Elements of Magic Path unless you have taken Elements of Magic in the community or at another camp .

The exquisite paths for CloudCatcher 2019 are... 

Elements of Magic: an Art of Change

- introduction to Reclaiming magic and an exploration of social change.

with Jarrah & briar sparkle

The Queen of Heaven and Earth vanished from the world, as Erishkigal rages and weeps, the great Earth awash in grief... and yet: all is not lost, tiny magical beings work magic, change and hope...

The world can be a big, complicated place.

        And all this complexity is built from smaller pieces.


Great mountains of earth from silt and stones. Ever-flowing rivers and oceans of water droplets. The expansive sky and stirring winds the woven breath of every tiny living thing. The radiant Sun holding us in orbit ignited by tiny nuclear forces.

We live in complicated, often scary times. Why are things the way they are? And what can we do about it? The Reclaiming tradition was founded, in part, in activism. Our fundamental manifesto, the Principles of Unity, speaks to the feminist struggle against patriarchy, environmental preservation and restoration, acceptance and full rights for queer people, the work of anti-racism and decolonisation, and more. These interconnected fights are still very much alive and necessary.

Liberation for all peoples, creatures and the earth may not be simple, yet it does not have to be overwhelming! Everything is built from the same Elements, and we can learn to know and work with them to affect Change within and without. We can root ourselves here to nurture and manifest our dreams. We can weave between the worlds to call in justice and healing change!

Elements of Magic is the foundation of Reclaiming magic, the first of our core classes and a prerequisite for many paths and classes. If you’ve not previously taken Elements of Magic it is expected you will take this path at CloudCatcher. We’ll explore core magical tools and practices and Reclaiming culture. It will offer a basis of understanding for anyone new to camp as well as provide an opportunity for those familiar to renew their connection.

We welcome humans of all ages and abilities! Please bring a journal, water bottle etc. We may spend some time outside so weather protection and something to sit on would be useful.

The world needs empowered, compassionate people who are well resourced. We find ourselves and resources in the Elements.

Crossing the Abula: Seeking Wisdom of the Underworld

with Raven Edgewalker & Caduceus

Deep in the caverns of the Underworld, the Goddess of the Dead, labours with the vastness of Her grief.

Deep in the pits of the Abyss, the Mother of the Soil in the Fields, labours with the depths of Her sorrow.

Deep in the vaults of the Kur, the Queen of the Great Earth, labours with the pain of Her heartache.

Her cries echo through all the worlds.

Her wails shake through the firmament.

Her keens reverberate through our souls.

Ereshkigal’s call to us is made.

Are you willing answer that call, to be stripped naked of your masks and to descend through the seven gates, the seven Abula, into the caverns of the Underworld?

In the darkness of the Kur, without our Upperworld shells, we may more clearly hear the voices of the Goddess of Earth calling to us, telling us her stories. Within this place of silence and rage, stillness and reflection, we will explore the ways in which the grief and anguish of Ereshkigal mirror that which we carry within ourselves. From this place, we may find the courage to speak our truths and tell our stories, in whatever form they take. Here we may experience the wisdom of the Godds and the Mysterious ones.

How might it be for us to deep-listen to the needs of the Earth, like Galatura and Kurĝara? How might we hear the voices of the Godds, within and without?

Honouring the silence, we listen to the rhythm of the dark. There we hear the earth’s heartbeat, the heartbeat of the Goddess. We feel that same rhythm in our own breasts, our heartbeats connecting us one to another. Here, cloaked in darkness, stripped of our masks, we may choose to explore what it means to be in devotion to the Godds and thus also to ourselves.

Will you join us as we journey to the Kur, the realm of Ereshkigal?

Using tools that may include those of deep-listening, silence, story-telling, devotion, and trance we will travel to the Underworld to explore what it means to connect to our authentic selves. In the Kur we will to listen to the words of the Great Goddess and learn what it means to not only be in devotion to the Godds, but also to ourselves. We will return to the Upperworlds with new tools, insights, and stories, so that we may take our learning out into all the worlds as witches, priestesses, activists, and healers.

This path is open to intermediate and advanced practitioners regardless of age. You must have taken Elements of Magic, have a solid and supportive daily practice, and the ability to take care of your own needs.

Please bring a journal and writing supplies to path with you, we will update you nearer to camp with anything else we might like you to bring.

Anchoring the Ecstasy of Sacred Sexuality: Embodied Resilience for Challenging Times

with Copper Persephone and Rose Weaver

“Walk boldly through your life with an open, broken heart.”

-- Joanna Macy

From wetness of forest floor, lively streams well up…. tickling, teasing, licking round naked rocks, gushing over bulging tree roots, caressing the long curve of mossy banks. Being fully present in this flood of sensual delight, vital life force of animal attraction, the pull of desire, the urge to touch, to hold and be met, slipping in, plunging all in. Opening… opening wider to being with this creative erotic juice that throbs longingly through us.







The Earth and Ereshkigal are in the throes of grief, transformation and cataclysmic change.  We are in the end times of an era and can often only see suffering and no way forward. To avoid heartbreak, we often let ourselves shutdown to the pure sensual connections, mindlessly distract and numb ourselves not only to the suffering and grief but also to the joy and opening.  This disconnection takes its toll, not only on us personally, but on our ability to access the personal and magical tools that deepen our resiliency, empathy and hope and our ability to stay engaged in creative resistance, visioning - creating a different world and future.

What if we, instead, risked feeling it all?

Is it possible to give ourselves permission to feel, even in the face of such grief and suffering?

Do we dare to hope?

Embodied ecstasy can help bring us back to life and open to the paradox of feeling great joy in the face of tragedy. In this path, we will call upon our queer allies, Kugarra and Galatur to aid us with their gifts of compassion, queer beauty and sexuality to peel away our layers of armour and help us to open to sensuality and ecstasy as well as supporting others in doing this work.

Using the tools of movement, sound, mirror work, trance, queer and other allies, sex magic, queer - western tantra and somatic ecstatic sex practices we will deepen into revitalising our life-force.

Prerequisites: Elements of Magic + This path will be challenging on a number of levels and willingness to participate fully while still being in full choice about personal boundaries is important. It is helpful that participants have already begun to explore their own personal power and boundaries. It is essential that participants work from a place of respect, authenticity and personal responsibility and are comfortable with working skyclad (naked).

The Primal Witch: Connecting to the Heart of the Earth

with Riyana Rose & Sue Blackfeather

Within the Earth as within our body, there is a pulse than emanates through all life, an echo of our primal selves.

As we journey through life, the beauty and wonders of the Great Earth are our constant companions. It is so easy to consider these gifts and natural resources as our birth right rather than a relationship that requires honour, care and respect in return.

This relationship asks us to pay attention, to step back from chaos and remember our responsibility. But how can this be done when we’re surrounded by so much confusion and contradiction? Where are the answers? What are we to do? How can each one of us bring about change?

The vibrations of grief and sorrow run deep. Ereshkigal paces back and forth, back and forth - her anger, grief and despair giving rise to a restlessness within us. Her primal screams are a call for us to remember the primal parts of ourselves that have become silenced, lost, forgotten or denied.

Our Path calls to those who seek to explore the primordial rhythm of Nature through drum, primal movement, and plant witchery. Join us as we blend two ancient arts of the Divine Feminine, drumming & plant medicine, as tools to remember and deepen into the lost language of the Earth.

Through drumming we find so much more than percussion. For thousands of years the drum has been a symbol of the Divine Feminine, used in sacred rites and rituals to dispel, purify and summon. Rhythm is a call to come home, a call to the wild and primal parts of ourselves where joy and ecstasy lie. A structuring life force, rhythm is an echo of our human heartbeat and the pulse that moves through the cycles of birth, death and transformation. Rhythm offers a pathway to the deepest parts of ourselves to reveal what is hidden within the darkness.

Plants are living beings that long to be listened to, and communicated with by humans. Not only do they hold important messages for us as organs of the Earth, they offer us healing and stand in as divination tools to further deepen an understanding of ourselves. They are healers. Plants are keen to share their knowledge if we are humble, and willing to apprentice ourselves to them.

We will open ourselves to the Divine through Aspecting and in deep witness. We will surrender to the sacred Drum and open to the wisdom of the Green Bloods. We will use sound and movement to heal the patterns we’ve inherited. We will offer our grief, anger, self doubt and inner criticisms as offerings for change. Together we will turn the wheel of regeneration for this vital energy to cycle back, renewed as the precious resource needed to live a potent, primal life. This path is open to people of all ages who have already taken Elements of Magic.