Path at Camp

Paths run for three hours each morning of Camp.
At the beginning of WitchCamp, each camper chooses a Path (or the Path chooses them...)
and it is followed through four mornings of teacher-facilitated processes.
Paths are a mix of individual and group work, often including discussions,
trance, ritual, journaling, craft and other activities and magical techniques.

If it is your first time at CloudCatcher it is expected that you will take the Elements of Magic Path
(unless you have taken Elements of Magic in the community or at another camp)

- Iron becoming Pearl - CloudCatcher 2021 Paths - 

ELEMENTS OF MAGIC - with Sue Blackfeather & Caithness Gael

IRON PENTACLE - with Tracey & SusanneRae

PEARL PENTACLE - with Michelle Claire White & Fio

COMMUNITY PATH - with Gareth & Jane Meredith

Elements of Magic - Stepping into the Pentacle
With Sue Blackfeather and Caithness Gael

The Pentacle in which we find the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit is the gateway into the Reclaiming tradition of witchcraft. The path that lies beyond this threshold invites those who are new to our tradition to step into the mystery, to walk with curiosity and seek the magic held within these sacred Elements; it also welcomes back those who have walked this path before, maybe once, maybe many times, as it calls them home.

The elements of all life are reflected within our bodies. We are Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.  When we acknowledge and recognise the connection and interplay of what lies within with all that lies without, we can tap into the sovereign power of our own magic.

  • Our bodies are the organic matter that holds form, are nourished and held by the Earth and into her body we will eventually return
  • Our breath honours the vital, intimate relationship with the green ones and gives rise to our voices
  • Fire is the spark that ignites passion which can inspire, torment, transform and drive us to the edge of alchemy or destruction
  • All life begins in water and water sustains all life. Water is a force of nature reflected in the intensity of our emotions.
  • In Spirit we find connection. Spirit is the all, the nothing and in all that lies between.

Elements of Magic is the first of the Reclaiming core classes and explores the fundamental skills of magic and ritual practice which includes understanding energy, ecstatic expression, trance, spell crafting, rhythm, voice, silence, visualisation, divination, personal and group work and so much more. Elements of Magic is also a pre-requisite for other Reclaiming Core Classes.

If you have never taken an Elements of Magic course, this is your path; we are your people! 

We also warmly welcome those who have taken Elements previously.

This path is open to all ages and abilities.
The Iron Pentacle

with Tracey Cathcart & SusanneRae

As the Star Goddess stirs in the darkness of the void, she catches a vision of hirself in the mirror of space. Emerging she beholds the reflection emanating from the light. Falling in love and marvelling at the wonder of the other . . . responding to a deep longing, a desire like an itch, an irritant, a restlessness, a shiver … In the ecstasy of the mystery of being, she crafts a tool of transformation. This is hir gift . . . . This is the Iron Pentacle . . . . Sex, Pride, Self , Power, Passion.

In Sex we explore the intimacy of life-force - the Star Goddess hirself
In Self, in silence and immersion we know ourselves as magical beings
In Passion we trust the grit of relationship with mysterious ones
In Pride we work the spells of illusion
In Power we find right relationship with earth and ourselves
We bring this mysterious magic to the Iron path.
We will explore tools of transformation available to us at each point of the pentacle.
We will work iron in relationship - with self, other beings, the community and the Earth.
We will trance, discuss, create, weave magic and dig deep.
Iron Pentacle is a magical and alive being in itself, it is an initiatory tool. It WILL transform you. It is said it’s the work of a life-time. It is ongoing work. We might come to it again and again.
Iron Pentacle is a core class in the Reclaiming tradition. Elements of Magic is a prerequisite and you should be 18 years and above to take this path.
Bring pen, paper, journal, water and other magical or nourishing tools to support you. There will be homework. We recommend you find a space where you can move, create an altar and be comfortable.

The pre-requisite for this Path is Reclaiming’s Elements of Magic.

This path is open to  18+

Path of Pearlescence - The Beautiful Longing of Opening

with Michelle Claire White and Fio Gede Parma

Purified in the personal forge of red hot Iron the Pearlescent path opens to us and in turn opens us. In the work of the Pearl Pentacle we open to something more -
From Sex into Love, through Self comes Wisdom, out of Passion Knowledge, in right-sized Pride there is Law, and working with Power may bring Liberty.

Pearl is a medicine, an antidote, a healing balm, a sacred salve for the wounded, stretched, tired and frayed places within us. Pearl’s flowing watery current smooths, polishes, holds, and awakens us to deep beauty, dedication, devotion and discernment. Held in this work of gentle and persistent refinement we can learn to bring the best qualities of our humanity into the wider world.

We call upon allies, spirits, great ones who have danced with and challenged us in CloudCatcher WitchCamps past. We call upon Janet and Freya for Love! Auset, Nebt-het and the Bees - Wisdom. Aradia and Hermes, aid us in the intimacy of Knowledge. Erishkigal and the Mountain, let us understand and align with Law. Vasilisa, Dionysos, open us to Liberation. 

In this path - held via the magics of Zoom mixed with Presence, Breath and Focus - we will spend time in trance, break-out rooms, (literally) dancing and discussing these themes within the greater group. We will write stories, journal, create spells, peer into mirrors, and embrace not knowing. We will explore the points of Pearl received through the hearts of Feri and Reclaiming Witches, following their flow around and through the Star. Tracing through the points of Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, Law, and Liberty, we may discover and dream into the third and fourth and fifth roads necessary for our species to justly and effectively live on this planet with our cousins, kin, ancestors, and descendants.

The prerequisite for Path of Pearlescence is Reclaiming’s Elements of Magic. 

We strongly recommend those joining this path have taken Reclaiming's Iron Pentacle.  

This path is open for ages 12+

Community Magic: Collaboration - Leadership - Justice

with Jane Meredith & Gareth Thomas

CloudCatcher WitchCamp is our community, Reclaiming is our community. We join this online Camp from our local communities. The participants of this Path are our community. 

Drawing on our magical skills we will explore some essentials of community: collaboration, justice, and empowerment work; visioning and planning. We will foster and unpack leadership, asking ourselves: What does it mean to be a leader in a decentralised community? Is leadership a role, a set of skills, an attribute? We aim to nurture, grow, and support healthy communities.

Each of us brings strengths and experience to community building. We will play with connections, stalk shadows, and ask: What does it mean to be in community? What are our personal, and shared, challenges and delights? How do we grow individually, and as a group?

This path is practical and applied. Working together in our online community, the path contains group discussion and breakout rooms, and activities including: collaborative ritual, trance, random magic, shadow work, oracle work, movement, sound, and spell making. It will include engagement with issues current in Reclaiming: the Principles of Accountability, decolonisation and others - bring your issue!

Participants will need: 

  • Willingness to engage in the experiment of community
  • Headset, journal, colouring/art materials, comfy space for trance and discussion, byo snacks and tea

The prerequisite for The Magic of Community is Reclaiming’s Elements of Magic. 

This class is also called the Fifth Core Class, or Community Class.

A suggested pre-Camp reading list will be posted, and sent to anyone requesting it.

Open to all ages, please discuss with teachers for under-15 participants


If you are intending to take this path, or contemplating it, please read one of the following books before Camp:

* The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups, by Starhawk
* Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World, by Tyson Yunkaporta
* Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds, by Adrienne Maree Brown