Prices and Scholarships 2021

Prices are inclusive of the full online camp experience. For 2021 Online Camp, it does not include meals, accommodation, or tech requirements (such as internet service, or hardware such as webcams, headphones etc). Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more on what to expect from Camp (including the online camp). Prices are divided into three brackets based on registration time. To remain eligible for that price, we ask that half the price of that bracket be paid before the cut-off date, with the remainder payable anytime up to the beginning of March. You are welcome to pay off in smaller instalments over that time if that suits your situation. If 50% of that payment category is not paid by the cut-off date or other arrangements negotiated with the rego witch, the cost will automatically shift to the following category.

We aim to get as many people to Camp as possible, and so we have concession prices for those with low incomes or financial difficulties. We also have some scholarships available as detailed below, and anyone can apply. If you still feel like the cost of Camp will prohibit you from attending, we strongly encourage you to contact our Registration person to discuss your situation.

All payments are strictly non-refundable except in the case that the Camp is cancelled. 

How to Pay

Payment can be made by Direct Deposit, or by cheque/money order. Our banking details (including information for international money transfers) are below. If paying by cheque our Registrations team will email you with postage details.

Payments to CloudCatcher WitchCamp can be made by direct bank deposit to

CCWC Bank Australia
BSB: 313 140
Account: 122 109 57


Prices 2021:

Early Early Witch $325
[Early Early Witch concession $275]
  Register with deposit and pay 50% by January 5th
Pay remainder Early Early Witch amount by 1st March 2021

Early Witch $355
  [Early Witch concession $298]
Register with deposit and pay 50% by January 31st 
Pay remainder Early Witch amount by 1st March 2021
  Regular Witch $385
[Regular Witch concession $315]
   Register with deposit, pay remainder Regular Witch amount by 1st March 2021


Young Witch (Between 18 and 23 years) $275 
Register with deposit, pay remainder Young Witch amount by 1st March 2021

Teen Witches (14 to 17 year old) $85

(6-13 year old) $75

(0-5 year old) Free

Witchlettes 1parent:1child

Organisers: Free



2021 Camp Scholarships are as follows:

1 x Org Scholarship (FULL)
2 x Activist Scholarships (FULL)
2 x Byron Shire/Northern Rivers Scholarships ($200) - funded by local community
2 x Parent Scholarships ($200)
2 x BIPOC Scholarships ($200)
10 x $250
4 x $200
6 x $100


If you need to discuss other payment methods, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.