CloudCatcher 2019 - Theme and Myth

The Theme of 2019:

Listening to silence, we hear keening and rage.
Diving Beneath we dance shadows and face the Laughing Flame.
Ancient wisdom and love overflow.

The Story of CloudCatcher 2019:

Ereshkigal and the grief of the Great Earth

The Queen of Heavens, of holy love and justice, the Flower of Life, has disappeared from the world...
Below, in the caverns of the Underworld, Ereshkigal, Goddess of the Dead and Mother of the Great Earth, labours with the vastness of Her grief, Her sorrow. She moans, She keens, and rips with torn fingers at Her skin and Her hair.

Innana, the Star of Heaven, flesh rotting, hangs from a meat hook. All is lost, unless...

Kugarra and Galatur, queer fly beings, spun of dirt and the last gasp of hope, descend into the Underworld, bearing the food and water of life. They are willing to witness and mirror Ereshkigal's grief, willing to deep-listen to the cries that have driven all light and joy away. It is only through their listening and witnessing, through their empathy, that they can heal the wounding in the Earth Mother's heart, and restore the Queen of Heavens to the world.