CloudCatcher 2020 - Theme and Myth

The Theme of 2020:

Yearning, we enter the deep, dark woods.
In the heart we meet with old magic;
we are honed to the bones.
Devoted to the web of life,
we choose sacred responsibility

The Story of CloudCatcher 2020:

Vasilisa the Brave & the Baba Yaga

There was once a woman known as Vasilisa the Beautiful, but before she was known to the world she was and remains Vasilisa the Brave. When she was young Vasilisa’s fiercely loving mother died. Before she did she had made Vasilisa a wooden doll and said to feed her a little water and food each day so that Vasilisa would always be cared for. Her father remarried another woman and they moved close to a vast forest. It came that by cruelty, or winter, or fate, all the fire was doused in the house. Vasilisa was sent out to fetch fire from the deep, dark woods. She was charged by her step-mother to go and ask Baba Yaga, the Hag, the Old Witch, for fire. Vasilisa, terrified, asked her little doll what to do. The wooden doll replied, Go seek Baba Yaga.

Vasilisa entered the woods terrified for she had heard that Baba Yaga delighted in devouring humans. She saw and felt many strange and wondrous things in the wildwoods… a white rider, a red rider, and a black rider, on white, red, and black horses… as the black rider and horse rode on through the forest, night fell upon the land. Vasilisa had come to Baba Yaga’s house. A house formed of human bones and standing on chicken’s feet. A house surrounded by skulls filled with glowing embers. There Vasilisa and her little doll - by a mother’s blessing - completed unenviable tasks set by the Grandmother and received the fire within the skull...